Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have received a few awards of late.
See my awards on the side bar.

This award was given to me by my friend Petite  found Here

And this award was given to me by Alyssa found here Here

So I made my own award and would like to award to to a few new friends I have made from Blogging, all are great Blogs and deserve the award.
UPDATE: I will be posting a link so you can use this award check back soon for the code

The Stella Collector My Humble Collection Rumblings Award
Go's to the following Blogs:

Because Alyssa is a sweet girl with a good blog, and because she gave me my first award.

Because Petite has become a good friend, has an amazing Blog, and gave me my second award.

Because it is a great brave Blog and I wish he was my Son !

Because she is the wisest, warmest and kindest women I have ever met, and helps me in my life

Another wonderful brave women who writes with great depth.

Because he has a good Blog, is a nice man, and has helped me.

Because it is a really good Design Blog and going places

Because it is a Blog with real feelings, and I love Pix ♥

Because Alex helps me everyday of my life, wants to live in a Forrest, be an Artist, and I wish she was my Daughter

Because I just adore this Blog

Another Blog I adore

I have no idea how you are all going to get your award, I will try to let you all know, but how you can copy and post it I have no idea, just do the best you can, those of you who want to spread my award around, go ahead by all means.
Much Thanks to you all for being in my life
You all give me much pleasure. ♥


  1. Oh dear stell. I love you as well. Thank you for everything you have helped me thru.

  2. Stell - THANK YOU SO MUCH for my first award... don't quite know what to say... THANK YOU! Of course, it means that much more that my first award came from you!!! Much love...


  3. Merci mon ami. Bisous!
    I can't copy your award though and post it in my Blog because your copy function is disabled.
    But thank you so much my dear friend!

  4. Thank you my dear friend. I will cherish this Award and the thought behind it with my life.

    And people like you make the world beautiful by just being in it!

  5. Hi Stell... it is so very nice of you to recognize your favorite blogs... I have visited most of the blogs you've listed. You have great taste!

  6. Stella congratulations on your awards and very well deserved too as your blog is fabulous, I love reading your posts and I have learnt so much about vintage jewellery.

    Thank you so much for passing an award onto me, I am very honoured.

  7. Congratulations on your awards first and foremost. And a huge thank you for nominating me awarding me with one too. I have never received an award, so I feel like I have just won an Oscar! :) Here is a really easy link on how to create a button in HTML format that you can use for your nominees.

    I think I am able to copy it though...if I save it as a jpeg to my computer, so you may not need the link after all. If you need help or have questions let me know!


  8. Aw Stell thank you so so much. I means so much coming from such a wonderful friend. Your reward was well deserved. There are even a few gems here I have yet to read that I will be checking out when I get the chance.

  9. Thanks Stell ♥, you are a good friend.

  10. Hi there. I followed the award you gave the person who writes about her brain injury and experience with transgender issues. I wanted to say that while it is an absolutely beautiful award with a gorgeous picture that anyone would surely love to receive, it's beauty and specialness is blighted by the misspelling of the word blog. Maybe you could fix it and repost it. Lovely award and thought though.

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