Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dragon's Breath stone Jewelery is my very favorite stone in Jewelery Making and Collecting, its very rare quite expensive especially items that are Art Nouveau or around 1900 to 1915.
I have quite a big collection, but have been looking and buying for it for over 10 years, it's treated glass, not a gem stone.
First made in Czechoslovakia ....I think although you can get Mexican pieces, not that much is known about it, I do have some stones I intend to make things with, but they are vintage I don't think it is made anymore but if I am wrong please feel free to correct me.
Here is a little blurb from an article written by another collector I hope she wont mind I don't know her name but she goes by the name of wwflygirl on eBay so thank you to that source.

{ Dragon's Breath is the name given to a rare and highly collected man-made glass stone that was used in jewelry making around the early 1900's. Most of the settings you find are 925 sterling, but you will find the stones in other vintage costume settings as many jewelry makers used the stone later in what we know as the vintage jewelry era.
Dragon's Breath is the name given to a rare and highly collected man-made glass stone that was used in jewelry making around the early 1900's. Dragons breath was made by adding metal to the molten glass. This is what gives it the electric blue and purple flashes or ripples inside the stone. The stone is usually seen in an oval or round cabochon shape (rounded and smooth top), but you will see other shapes. The stone is un foiled and transparent. The colors have a mixture of orange, red, yellow, and sometimes even a rose tint. Then depending on the angle that you view it, there is an inner fire of beautiful streaks of electric blues and purples that seem to just levitate inside the glass. At some angles you can see more of the blues and purples. Other angles you may see only small amounts and again at other angles you may see none. This blue and purple "breath" inside the red orange glass is what gave the stone it's name and has captivated many into becoming collectors of this mystical stone.....end of quote }
I have not had time to take photos of my own personal collection, which includes 6 or 7 rings, earrings and necklace's but here are a few examples that I googled until I get my own things photographed.
Last photo's are of me a while ago wearing some of my set, a little hard to see in detail and I had to crop my head because believe me I look terrible face wise, I think I need a nice young model .....
Necklace is Art Nouveau not sure if earrings are of the same era note paper link chain on necklace the stunning color can not be seen well in this photo

Dragon's Breath is so hard to photo because of the reflection of the various colors, another Nouveau Set

A better view of the colors Beautiful

Hard to see but I am wearing several around my neck along with a long drop vintage beads necklace that I made  just to mix it up a bit.
My hand close up not all these rings are Dragon's Breath some are Jelly Opal and Faux Foiled Opal [I own more since this pic was taken]


  1. Hi,
    I have a dragon's breath bracelet unlike any I have seen. I am trying to find out more about it. Here is a link to photos on my website, would appreciate any info you might have.
    Carol Wooley


  2. Are any of your beautiful dragon's breath jewelry treasures for sale?? auroradreams@hotmail.com

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    I was just wondering where you're based out of