Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just a quick thought before I have to go the funeral of another Grand Dame.
She was eccentric she was colorful, she spoke her mind, and her laugh always made my day.
She was not famous but she was like an eccentric old Aunt to me....
She came into our shop sometimes twice a week, she was our greatest supporter, and a wonderful asset to our town.
I will miss you Tess.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dragon's Breath stone Jewelery is my very favorite stone in Jewelery Making and Collecting, its very rare quite expensive especially items that are Art Nouveau or around 1900 to 1915.
I have quite a big collection, but have been looking and buying for it for over 10 years, it's treated glass, not a gem stone.
First made in Czechoslovakia ....I think although you can get Mexican pieces, not that much is known about it, I do have some stones I intend to make things with, but they are vintage I don't think it is made anymore but if I am wrong please feel free to correct me.
Here is a little blurb from an article written by another collector I hope she wont mind I don't know her name but she goes by the name of wwflygirl on eBay so thank you to that source.

{ Dragon's Breath is the name given to a rare and highly collected man-made glass stone that was used in jewelry making around the early 1900's. Most of the settings you find are 925 sterling, but you will find the stones in other vintage costume settings as many jewelry makers used the stone later in what we know as the vintage jewelry era.
Dragon's Breath is the name given to a rare and highly collected man-made glass stone that was used in jewelry making around the early 1900's. Dragons breath was made by adding metal to the molten glass. This is what gives it the electric blue and purple flashes or ripples inside the stone. The stone is usually seen in an oval or round cabochon shape (rounded and smooth top), but you will see other shapes. The stone is un foiled and transparent. The colors have a mixture of orange, red, yellow, and sometimes even a rose tint. Then depending on the angle that you view it, there is an inner fire of beautiful streaks of electric blues and purples that seem to just levitate inside the glass. At some angles you can see more of the blues and purples. Other angles you may see only small amounts and again at other angles you may see none. This blue and purple "breath" inside the red orange glass is what gave the stone it's name and has captivated many into becoming collectors of this mystical stone.....end of quote }
I have not had time to take photos of my own personal collection, which includes 6 or 7 rings, earrings and necklace's but here are a few examples that I googled until I get my own things photographed.
Last photo's are of me a while ago wearing some of my set, a little hard to see in detail and I had to crop my head because believe me I look terrible face wise, I think I need a nice young model .....
Necklace is Art Nouveau not sure if earrings are of the same era note paper link chain on necklace the stunning color can not be seen well in this photo

Dragon's Breath is so hard to photo because of the reflection of the various colors, another Nouveau Set

A better view of the colors Beautiful

Hard to see but I am wearing several around my neck along with a long drop vintage beads necklace that I made  just to mix it up a bit.
My hand close up not all these rings are Dragon's Breath some are Jelly Opal and Faux Foiled Opal [I own more since this pic was taken]


This is a favorite photo of the iconic Kate Moss, I love everything about this photo including all the jewelery.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


OK so considering the state of the world at the moment I am feeling a touch frivolous talking about all the things I possess so it just maybe time to come clean a little bit.
My life as I know it now... is as boring as hell, I work hard and have very little free time, I had a good [very] income a few years back, but don't now.... you do not make money selling coffee and that is a fact..., not in a small town at least.
I do this blog because sometimes I long for more stimulation in my life, I am NOT a small town girl, this is very new to me.
There is a disease in small town that I call small town Syndrome it exists in City's but is magnified 10 fold within small spaces.
Every morning I read the newspapers with my cup of coffee, it's got to the point that I just don't want to read anymore crap that journalists sensationalize, just to sell newspapers...... are they trying to depress the world? Things are bad sure but how about one positive story no wonder I read books I can barely turn on the news on TV.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I picked both the shoes and the plastic bobble 1950's bag up from my local Op/Thrift Shop I wear them all the time I hate red on my self in clothing but these look great when I wear all white I keep my jewelery simple for me !! I wear a set of Aluminum necklaces [6 necklaces in varying lengths] with clear Czech Crystals and earrings from West Germany early 1960's, my rings are all large plain silver doubled up and of course my "signature" bracelets that never come off.


A quick look at what I made a week ago.
I never have much time, but last week I was sick and I happened to look around my lounge room as I was sitting suffering, and saw that amongst the usual chaos of beads and findings that surround me... that there were quite a few single original big beads, I need pairs or more to make earrings or anything else really.
So I was inspired to make a necklace of all my one off beads to match a necklace that I made 6 months ago. I needed another to go with it as I don't do things by half's I wear sometimes 10 necklaces at once and a ring on every finger the more the better for me.
I made something to wear when you can't find a colored piece of jewelery that is the "right" color I mean how can you go wrong when you are wearing every color right? I made earrings to match too [well sort of] but they will do for the time being.
Necklace is very long past my waist but I can wear it doubled, the chunky natural gemstone one I made 6 months ago goes to just above my bust.
OK so I made this 6 moths ago, and I start by wearing this first

This is what I made it is long and joined by silver tone chain

Some of the beads are very old Art Nouveau and Czech Glass

It was hard to take a decent pic of earrings

BTW It did take me nearly a whole day to make this.


I went what we call in Australia op shopping yesterday, the same habit [and it really is an addiction to me] is called thrifting in the US I believe, I kid myself that I buy stock for my shop, but I find it very hard not to keep most of the things I find, there is a rule in Opping, only buy what you love.....duhhh I love so much "Stuff" and have so many collections, I have had to ban myself in the past but succumbed yesterday I need a sponsor HELP !!
I got a cute bag and a pair of 1980s shoes [in my size] that I feel the need to keep, some clothes that should wash up well [I need those like a hole in the head but it was an all you can take in a plastic bag for $2.00 sale] Oh and a studded belt for like $1.00 I will have to keep that too, and a brooch that looks to be a Miracle Scottish Celtic brooch also for a $1.00 but I haven't checked for a signature yet I didn't have my loop with me.
But the worst tragedy was that while I was at the counter an elderly lady came up to buy a gold bracelet my eye had missed somehow, [I can only blame this on the heat and my failing eyesight] and bought for $2.00 what looked from my trained eye to be a solid gold gate link bracelet around an inch wide it was so quick....she knew..... I could see it by her expression, I was so shocked I said to the assistant"did you check for a stamping on that bracelet?" eh no what do you mean she replied......
I did not have the heart to tell her she just lost a sale of up to $500.00 even if I had grabbed it I don't know if I could have done that to a Church Charity Shop although Hubby who was with me said I must be nuts to think that way, as we need the money and that is true, lesson of the day don't go opping with your partner it puts you off your game.
1980's pumps need a little cleaning plus an innersole but not bad for 50 cents !!

Brass 1960's Pop Art necklace I will probably use the chain for a creation the style is not something I would wear

Brooch not signed now that I have had a good look but cute

Cute Batik Bag that I think I will have to keep and a studded belt both as brand new not bad for a buck each

Thursday, March 17, 2011


As I said I collect vintage jewelery and I have a hugh collection in my home, but I sell my excess at my Cafe/Shop this is part of it...... I have a lot !!! I would think I would be the biggest collector of Antique Vintage Jewellery in Australia.
The below photos are of a few shelves only I have hundreds if not a thousand pieces ranging in eras from 1880 to recent times a lot signed.
My own personal collection is more discerning and consists of mostly Art Nouveau, I can hardly ever find "matching" sets and besides I like to wear different styles and eras together it is more interesting and less contrived, so I make say earrings or a necklace that co ordinate with various sets or colours.
If I had time and did not have to work 7 days a week at the Coffee Shop and cook all our cakes I would make a lot of things as I also collect vintage glass beads and findings, it is my great love and passion and quite a few people love my creations ........I just hope the day will come...sooner rather than later.
Will post photos of my own stuff when I can be bothered getting the camera out,,,also some of my latest hand made necklace .....I am quite pleased with that, at the moment I am using preexisting pics far too hot here in Aussie to be bothered doing anything much can't wait for the cold to come.

Board of earrings [not a good pic sorry!]

Another great love in my life "Hector" the King cat he is suffering in this heat...if I had my way I would collect cats too !!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Veruschka is a famous model from the 1960's mostly...... she was up there with Twiggy, very tall, very exotic, I just love this Photo shape, form, vintage discontinued perfume I gotta have!! is she not stunning? one of the fist "Super Models"of the 60's along with Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.


Have I gone to Art Deco Heaven ? What style. what pizzaz what a collection !!
if only I had a 1/4 of what she own and was that organized.
Read about  HERE Thank you to Tales of Endearment blog


I have always loved the colour of these rings, and have owned quite a few over the years infact it is what started my own extensive jewelery collection, I prefer silver on myself so these two are for sale in my shop they are from the late 1950's or 1960's and in 10 kt gold.
It took me years of research to find out what the stone is of course I know about Vaseline glass in vases and pots but not in jewelery my own rings are Art Deco or Art Nouveau so I had no idea what these contemporary rings were until about a year ago they are almost ugly in their beauty.
Also known as uranium glass, vaseline glass glows bright green under ultraviolet light, thanks to the uranium oxide added to the glass in its molten state. In natural or indoor light, vaseline glass has a yellow or yellow-green tinge with an oily sheen, which is where its name comes from. Vaseline glass is not to be confused with Custard glass and Burmese glass, which also glow under ultraviolet light. While vaseline pieces are transparent or translucent, these pieces are opaque.
Uranium oxide was first used as a coloring agent in the 1830s; vaseline glass was produced commonly from the 1840s through World War I, though it was most popular from the 1880s onward. A variety of companies produced it, including Adams & Co., Steuben Glass, Cambridge Glass Co., and Baccarat, which released its first vaseline glass piece in 1843 under the name “cristal dichroide.”
Different companies called its distinctive color different names, including citron, jasmine, golden green, mustard, Florentine, and canary. Pieces could also have different exterior color finishes, like satin, opalescent, iridescent, rubina verde, and yellow-green.
Vaseline glass was produced in a variety of styles over the years, from Victorian to Art Deco. During the Great Depression, some manufacturers added iron oxide (rust) to the vaseline glass mixture in an effort to make the glass look greener in natural light. As a result, vaseline-glass purists exclude this Depression-era glass from the vaseline-glass family, since vaseline glass in the traditional sense does not include iron oxide in its composition. Carnival glass was also produced in vaseline glass varieties, which generally had a marigold, iridescent look.
Thank You to Collectors weekly for the article,  link: 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


These are Swaovski Nil earring from the Spring Summer 2011Wings of Poetry Collection Link here.
 LOVE THEM but good news is I think I can copy them for much less than they cost $225.00 US or AU.......well not exactly but close of course the bottom bead I cant replicate but I have some pretty cool beads I love the pastel and opalite colors and the  paper link or peanut Vintage chain which I have,,,,Yay !!
Will show you my version soon.



I adore Antique Chinese Jade, these are two pieces I own, the necklace is Art Deco and the bracelet is likely 1950's. I like the light green mottled kind that I have been told is quite valuable " LIVING JADE" if I remember rightly.
I own about 10 rings too which I will post about another day, also more pendants, some long drop Deco earrings and beads ready to be made into my creations.
I also have a large collection of "Faux" Jade or molded glass... sets of rings, necklaces and earrings...I really don't care if it's fake or real it's all to do with colour for me.
Will post more photos when I take some.
I have been trying for some time to find out the worth of some of my jade things anyone know anything to help?


I have a small collection of Margaret Smith of Gardiner, Maine  Handbags...this is one of them I will be posting more later.
Margaret Smith of Gardiner, Maine started making beach bags and totes as a hobby in the 1940s, which eventually led to the establishment of the Margaret Smith Company producing bags and totes of high quality in novelty prints featuring floral patterns, birds, ferns and more.
I love her bags I used to have 10 of them but now own around 5 I sold some as I just had too many vintage bags, hers are all different even for the day I use mine and get comments every time I do.
Here are a few more examples and no I don't own them although I would like to.
Beautiful aren't they?
You can get them on eBay USA

My first blog

Exciting....I hope that anyone reading this may get some interest from it.
I litraly have a ton of interesting items and collections I own, showcasing and talking about some of them is my aim so I will need some input as to what people want to see and read.

A bit about me I live in Australia.
I am a "certain" age [over 35 and not counting]
I am or should I say I have been called eccentric.
I love Vintage and Antique.
I probably need a how to get organized person to come to my house !!
And that is just a start, we will learn more as we go along all of us together hopefully !!