Thursday, March 17, 2011


As I said I collect vintage jewelery and I have a hugh collection in my home, but I sell my excess at my Cafe/Shop this is part of it...... I have a lot !!! I would think I would be the biggest collector of Antique Vintage Jewellery in Australia.
The below photos are of a few shelves only I have hundreds if not a thousand pieces ranging in eras from 1880 to recent times a lot signed.
My own personal collection is more discerning and consists of mostly Art Nouveau, I can hardly ever find "matching" sets and besides I like to wear different styles and eras together it is more interesting and less contrived, so I make say earrings or a necklace that co ordinate with various sets or colours.
If I had time and did not have to work 7 days a week at the Coffee Shop and cook all our cakes I would make a lot of things as I also collect vintage glass beads and findings, it is my great love and passion and quite a few people love my creations ........I just hope the day will come...sooner rather than later.
Will post photos of my own stuff when I can be bothered getting the camera out,,,also some of my latest hand made necklace .....I am quite pleased with that, at the moment I am using preexisting pics far too hot here in Aussie to be bothered doing anything much can't wait for the cold to come.

Board of earrings [not a good pic sorry!]

Another great love in my life "Hector" the King cat he is suffering in this heat...if I had my way I would collect cats too !!

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