Tuesday, May 31, 2011



I have had some comments from customers in our shop as to why I don't mention Mr Stell much
Well he wants it that way, but has given me permission to say a few words.

He is from New Zealand originally but has lived in Australia for more than half his life.
However he still retains those quirky Kiwi ways, that most NZ's have.
Far too numerous to list all here.

What is he like ? well...he is a mass of contradictions...or should I say mess.......either will do in his case
He is very artistic...a trained upholsterer by trade, he is more gifted than most in his field.
He has a way with colors and a good eye for the small details...those ones that make all the difference but you don't really know why.
He makes the best cup of coffee I have ever had in my life, and for our Cafe, this is quite an accomplishment, for someone who for years has been making the worst cup of instant coffee imaginable !!!
He is now known as a Barrista "extraordinaire"he has a real feel and taste for it.
He is a very kind and gentle man, but has his moments of anger, mostly due to injustice of some kind, he is fair but tough...his star sign is Libra
Mr Sell fishing in our town

He is very clean, but will be the first to admit to being as rough as guts !
No tool lasts long once he gets hold of it, his excuse is...they don't make things like they used to.
weeding the whole world !!

He is capable and fast and can turn his hand to most tasks.
You would not call him book learned or scholarly...... yet he is the smartest, most aware man I know.
He loves to read
He loves mushy romantic movies
He loves good music
He loves beautiful things, but would prefer to live without the clutter I create from my collecting.
He has a good business brain without realizing it.
He has always worked hard, but has always been too busy to make a fortune
He is hopeless.... a lost cause on the computer
His great love is our land and cabin in the isolated Aussie bush...this is not our home as such, but a Holiday retreat.

Our Cabin in the bush

He is so involved when in the bush...I have a big problem getting him to remember to dress
He is so bull at a gate, to get things done...he forgets to wear clothing
He says he is modest........think again Dear heart !!

Laughs*.... this cracks me up...typical Mr Stell
He will kill me but nevermind

After a hard days work

A bush bath
He has 2 children a boy and a girl and 3 Grandkids that he loves dearly
He loves a beer
He loves me
He loves his cat Hector

He is as strong as an ox
He is the best host at our Coffee Shop
People love him
He cooks well
He takes good care of me, and tolerates my eccentricities, and lack of good housekeeping

Our Cafe come Art and gifts shop

Mr Stell and my Brother designed the sofas, and Mr Stell upholstered them
They are admired daily

We sell Stuff !!

Another of his creations... customer at counter...not me

Quite cool our shop...if I don't say so myself
We make no money
We work hard
And it would not work without Mr Stell
I leave you with another two of Mr Stell's favorite photos....Meditation by the creek and a rainbow at end of day

Taken from a scan me meditating

The date is set wrongly on my camera pic is recent


  1. You have a gorgeous shop. I would buy my iced coffee from you if I had the choice.

  2. wow Stell ♥ I like this post you are a awesome blogger :)

    thanks for being my friend hugs xoxoxo

  3. OMG, I love your shop. And aren't you just too cute all mushy!

  4. mowing the lawn naked is awesome! your shop is beautiful and so is your house and the land you are on. my other half would love to live there.

  5. Very personal, and beautiful. It seems that you have the makings of a very satisfying life.

  6. Stell, you live the life that many would dream of with the love that many crave for and the passion that many stive for.

    Very, very intimate, touching, and simply beautiful!

  7. I love the photo of him dramatically looking down on the cattle. He's the spirit of a warrior-god for sure. Clothing just gets in the way when you're fighting a wolf in close combat, or bringing punishment on the rogue grasses which aspire to reach the sky.

    The sofas are beautiful and look so professional. I love the bright colours on both the ones he made. :3

  8. LOVE IT ALL!!!!!
    This is what I want, Legs!!! Paradise!

  9. Oh my God! S, I would do anything to steal those sofas and love seats. It totally rocks! And the colors will match my little gazebo! Booyah!
    I love your very honest post and yes, even the unmotivated butt shot. He would kill you! hahahaha
    When do we party in your place? My passport needs some new stamps! ♥

  10. The two butt photos are out of order (I mean, in a chronological sence - haha) Did it rain by chance shortly after the third photo in the post? I figure he cuts the grass then calls the rain... love the shop and the scenery (sans buns)... reminds me of somewhere I used to live...

  11. How 'bout posting a pic of you mowing the grass in rubber boots. Perfect shop for ima girl's art, hmm, what an idea, Aiee.

  12. He sounds like quite a guy!!! And your post is a lovely ode to him! May your life together be wonderful! :o)

  13. lovely to see such appreciation, and gratitude.
    makes me want to post a loving blog @ my man rather that bitching @ him to my friends... what counter-productiveness!

    and who doesn't love naked men landscaping?