Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I have been out spending up big time...Not !!

Not really, I am under strict instructions not to spend, but those that know me.......Well...know that I don't listen.
I did spend around $40.00 when I went to the "Big Smoke" last week
The excuse was...same as always...I can make money on those ha ha
Wrong...because again as always, I fall in love with things and can't live without them.
Curious yet ?
Well you should be....


1950s Mother of Pearl or Paua Shell Sterling Necklace

Here we have a circa 1950's possibly from New Zealand MOP that's mother of pearl or [paua shell in NZ] necklace...cost $10.00...good deal.
Seeing that I collect MOP I will keep this, its a little long it should sit just on the base of the neck for full effect....I will remove 2 links and make earring out of the links... see below for results...two birds one stone.


1950s Lariet necklace
This is another most likely 1950s find
A duck egg blue glass and brass Lariet style necklace.
Lariet is a type of necklace that just ties around the neck instead of having clasps.
I am very fond of this style, esp. with the tassels on the ends, it looks quite elegant on...quite a find I think, also $10.00
I have thought of keeping this...but seeing that I wear mostly silver, and i don't own much other jewelry of this color I will sell it ...it's not going to be easy though...I have thoughts... [I am trying to suppress] of a whole set in this color....


1950s Czech glass and brass necklace

Another distinctively Czechoslovakian glass and AB crystals necklace made with brass or brass gilded gold findings.
This was a good find....the crystals aretopaz color Auora Boralis Czech fired crystals done with a thin film of multi color glaze.
This necklace is slightly "old lady" for me but the beads are amazing, so are the findings and the condition is perfect... for the age it is.
I can see myself taking this apart and using the components or findings for some of my projects...my mind tells me I can make something nicer and more contemporary with it...I love the long cream glass beads.
A steal at $5.00


A 1940s Brooch or Pin ?
This find is a bit of a mystery, first I have not cleaned it, so I apologize for the dirt you can see, I tried to get the color right by taking a photo in a natural light see above...but it wont show true color which is more like a piece of washed up sea glass.
What is it?
Well at the moment it is a pin or brooch someone has crudely soldered a safety pin on the back.

That's the back in the pic above
By the look of it I would date it to mid 1940s war years a drop pin was popular then.
But it has had another life by the looks of it, Art Deco necklace would be my guess... or could just be Czech glass buttons, during the war re-invention and recycling was the go....so the plan is to try to revert it back into a necklace.
It's big and made of glass gilt and brass, it would look stunning as a necklace
Sigh* another project...another day.
Also a steal at $5.00

Another photo of pin:

OK so how did I go making my earrings mentioned above...
What do you think ? I am pleased....

So that's them with the necklace
Now the necklace sits well in the nape of my neck and the earring match quite well...the bottom part of the earrings.... the disc's and beads I already had.
They are light but, long and decadent.

Some of my Victorian Sterling Blister Pearl Collection
My circa 1900 or before blister pearl collection is another favorite I wear the lot !! all my MOP necklaces and all these rings I can't even find my better ones.....excuse the poor photos my flash did not work.
I will go into Blister pearls another time suffice to say they were a cheap way to buy pearls in the 1800s...real round pearls were rare
They are made from the "blisters" found in abalone shells.

All my MOP necklaces

You can see from the above photo why I wanted to keep the necklace I bought it matches others I own.
I wear all of these together as well as the drop earrings I made today, or another pair of blister pearl earrings I have...yes the lot...I know..believe me I know ...people do wonder, but I do at least wear my jewelery unlike my shoe collection.
But that once again is another post for another day.......


  1. Have you found the secret yet? Your path to finding it begins with this blog's first post.

  2. Stell - who is this spammer on your blog?

    I am also very fond of mop and I really like the lariet 50s necklace - that color is beautiful!

  3. Pretty.

    Adult Student

  4. I love your 1950s Mother of Pearl or Paua Shell Sterling Necklace..
    I think it's amazing that you collect so many jewelries ^^

  5. Wow! I love all the pieces. !940's and 50's styles are so cool! Ciao!

  6. I really like the 1950s Lariet necklace! I have a simlar one to your czech one, but am going to keep my eyes peeled for a 'duck egg blue' Lariet. Very nice indeed!