Friday, March 18, 2011


A quick look at what I made a week ago.
I never have much time, but last week I was sick and I happened to look around my lounge room as I was sitting suffering, and saw that amongst the usual chaos of beads and findings that surround me... that there were quite a few single original big beads, I need pairs or more to make earrings or anything else really.
So I was inspired to make a necklace of all my one off beads to match a necklace that I made 6 months ago. I needed another to go with it as I don't do things by half's I wear sometimes 10 necklaces at once and a ring on every finger the more the better for me.
I made something to wear when you can't find a colored piece of jewelery that is the "right" color I mean how can you go wrong when you are wearing every color right? I made earrings to match too [well sort of] but they will do for the time being.
Necklace is very long past my waist but I can wear it doubled, the chunky natural gemstone one I made 6 months ago goes to just above my bust.
OK so I made this 6 moths ago, and I start by wearing this first

This is what I made it is long and joined by silver tone chain

Some of the beads are very old Art Nouveau and Czech Glass

It was hard to take a decent pic of earrings

BTW It did take me nearly a whole day to make this.


  1. Love the jewelry! It's so pretty!

  2. Hi, First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy reading your blog and the jewelry you've made are beautiful. I'm checking back often so make sure you make more! ^^

    Great blog.

  3. Thanks girls so much !! my first comments!!, I get no time to make much anymore but I will post a few pieces I have already made when I get a moment.
    My designs are not normally modern I do mostly Art Deco or Nouveau using original era findings and broken parts

  4. Hi Stella,
    Thanks for the comment of 'Adventurous'. I'm glad to know my jewelry is appreciated.^^ I'm not sure if I have cranberry color, but I've got pink and purple color items on my online store. If you are interested in buying, do check them out at Let me know which item, I'll give you special discount. ;)

    Peace. :)

  5. more thing, the 'Adventurous' is Siam Red. :)

  6. Those are gorgeous! I specially like the second necklace

  7. Very nice :) Do you make the findings yourself?