Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first blog

Exciting....I hope that anyone reading this may get some interest from it.
I litraly have a ton of interesting items and collections I own, showcasing and talking about some of them is my aim so I will need some input as to what people want to see and read.

A bit about me I live in Australia.
I am a "certain" age [over 35 and not counting]
I am or should I say I have been called eccentric.
I love Vintage and Antique.
I probably need a how to get organized person to come to my house !!
And that is just a start, we will learn more as we go along all of us together hopefully !!


  1. How does one get a "how to get organised" person come to ones house anyways? I need one too! :p

  2. Stell there is a gift for you on my blog Knight of the Oval When you get there search near the bottom for a pearl, it will look quite out of place. Clicking on it will take you to a hidden page on a long forgotten blog. While the blog is old and shut down, this hidden page is new and for you.