Friday, March 18, 2011


I went what we call in Australia op shopping yesterday, the same habit [and it really is an addiction to me] is called thrifting in the US I believe, I kid myself that I buy stock for my shop, but I find it very hard not to keep most of the things I find, there is a rule in Opping, only buy what you love.....duhhh I love so much "Stuff" and have so many collections, I have had to ban myself in the past but succumbed yesterday I need a sponsor HELP !!
I got a cute bag and a pair of 1980s shoes [in my size] that I feel the need to keep, some clothes that should wash up well [I need those like a hole in the head but it was an all you can take in a plastic bag for $2.00 sale] Oh and a studded belt for like $1.00 I will have to keep that too, and a brooch that looks to be a Miracle Scottish Celtic brooch also for a $1.00 but I haven't checked for a signature yet I didn't have my loop with me.
But the worst tragedy was that while I was at the counter an elderly lady came up to buy a gold bracelet my eye had missed somehow, [I can only blame this on the heat and my failing eyesight] and bought for $2.00 what looked from my trained eye to be a solid gold gate link bracelet around an inch wide it was so quick....she knew..... I could see it by her expression, I was so shocked I said to the assistant"did you check for a stamping on that bracelet?" eh no what do you mean she replied......
I did not have the heart to tell her she just lost a sale of up to $500.00 even if I had grabbed it I don't know if I could have done that to a Church Charity Shop although Hubby who was with me said I must be nuts to think that way, as we need the money and that is true, lesson of the day don't go opping with your partner it puts you off your game.
1980's pumps need a little cleaning plus an innersole but not bad for 50 cents !!

Brass 1960's Pop Art necklace I will probably use the chain for a creation the style is not something I would wear

Brooch not signed now that I have had a good look but cute

Cute Batik Bag that I think I will have to keep and a studded belt both as brand new not bad for a buck each

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