Sunday, April 10, 2011


I got to thinking... being that this is a blog about collecting...well mostly....whats the the things I love most.
I love lists of things.
But problem !!...there are so many that I think I will have to make, say a monthly post of 5 things at a time.
So here goes post 1

No1} My Cat "Hector" I love my cat he is my little big man, here he is getting ready for Christmas ...lucky it was my Dad's plate he was sitting on.....

No2} Books...I love reading, mostly obscure random autobiography's here is 3 I have been reading this month.


No3} Vintage Perfume...Of course I collect vintage perfume why? because I don't like the new synthetic perfumes much.... this is just a small selection of what I favorite is "Coeur Joie" by Nina Ricci it is just sublime... very rare and very expensive, I bought some when I did have money.. it stopped being made in the 1960's although sometimes they bring out special editions.

No4} Australian Pottery...I have been collecting these Vases and pots since I was a teen, I just love the colors and dripping was taken in my Cafe where I use them as decoration not for sale...ever...painting at the back is another of my brother's the artist, it is for sale !

And more

No5} Antique Art Deco and Art Nouveau Rings....I own a hundred or more.. sets in different colors one for each finger, most likely one of the best collections I have ever seen  [she says modestly] this is just a few I could be bothered to find today, stunning I think..

OK now that's done...What are your first 5 favorite things ?


  1. I'll definitely have to keep an eye open for that pottery if I ever make it back to the land of Oz! I got some gorgeous things carved in wood when I was in Tassie 6 years ago...

    My first 5 favourite things? Yikes! Discounting family and friends (no way I could place them in a list... how to choose?!)

    Ok, off the top of my head (this list would probably be different on another day):

    1- my camera. I love photography and finally invested in a DSLR 3 years ago and have been making good use of it ever since!

    2- my watch. a "swiss army" brand stainless steel watch that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. Many, MANY years later, it's still working wonderfully on my wrist and a daily reminder of my wonderful parents

    3- books. I don't know where to put them all anymore, but refuse to get rid of any!

    4- scuba diving. being under water, in that magical place surrounded by fish... there's nothing like it!

    5- interesting conversations... there just aren't enough of those in our lives!

  2. Interesting pottery pieces you have.
    and the Vintage perfumes, thats a nice collection.