Thursday, April 14, 2011


What are my musings today......
I have been thinking  [it is my day off work] that I really enjoy reading some of the fantastic blogs I have discovered, while browsing others blogs to learn... about blogging in general.
In the course of the last few weeks... some how I have aimlessly stumbled across some fabulous sites.
Of course I have read blogs from time to time, but until I started my own, I never really followed one.
Now I do... and I can hardly wait to read more.
Ahh for the luxury of time
So Thank You !! to all out there who do blogging because you have given me a lot of visual and mental stimulation this week.......
And I have needed it.

On another note, I went to *The Big Smoke* today [a bigger Town] and as this is a visual blog about collecting... I will show you what I wore, it's no big deal...but I felt I looked OK
I had to chop off my head because to take your own photo is not easy... and my head looked terrible..sorry about that !! but believe me when I say you are better off by a mile not seeing it !!

I collect vintage Chongsams, this one is silk, hand made, and a little too big so I used a soft leather belt tied a bit higher up than normal to show the lines a bit better, and so as to not cut me in half,,,I am small.
The Handbag is wool...made by a crafter in my area.
I cut my shoes out but they are very cute kitten heels with a front bow in the same colour as the bag.
The only jewellery I wore was a pair of enamel drop Art Deco earrings, that you can just see if you look hard and my signature silver and ivory bracelets [also cut out by cropping]
I felt and cool/comfotable as it was a beautiful day, but the looks I got from the old folks at the harware shop certainly did nil for my self esteem.
What is a strange big Town girl doing in a small town ? I have to ask myself...but that my dears is a question for another day.


  1. That is indeed a gorgeous dress!

    And you've definitely peaked my curiosity with your several references to "big town girl in a small town", do tell!!! ;o)

  2. Awww Thank You for reading...and to tell the whole story of how I landed in a small town of 1500 people is to tell my life story really.
    It might come out in the wash... but far too boring at the moment, but thanks for asking

  3. Thanks for stopping along by my place, was nice to see you there!

    1500 people?!?! YIKES!!! I don't think I could deal with that small a town!... unless it was on the coast with mountains and a decent-sized city not too far away... :p

    In any case your comment on my blog definitely peaked my curiousity... I hope one day a whole load will come out in the wash! ;o)

  4. You have a beautiful collection. I too am was a collector of beautiful art deco snd art nouveau pieces of jewelry. It is my favorite era of design for everything, and the jewelry of the time is just so exquisite. Unfortunately, when I moved, several of my boxes were "lost" and my entire collection of vintage jewelry went missing. It devastated me at first, and I walked around miserable for a while until I finally had to convince myself that it was only possessions and I just had to let go. I hope you never have to go through what I did.