Friday, April 15, 2011


Do I have any right to give out tips ?
Who knows.... I have learned a few things in my life
Are they useful ?... again who knows ?
My brain is just full of random ideas
Do I like to tell people what to do...hell yes I love it !!

So my tip of the week is:

Taking care of your face in a hot climate

See the above photo.....
Well I live where that photo was taken, all year round we have sun, the sunlight is strong ...even in is Australia.
About 20 years ago I started to notice my face had brown splotches on it, and I had a V neck.... a brown blob where my neck and chest was exposed to the elements.
The rest of me was OK.... as I have olive sallow skin.
Now 20 years ago.... were the days when we did not wear sunscreen as an everyday thing, nor hats...It was well before.... slip slop slap...that means slip on a top, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat..or something similar.
What to do?

No 1

Use a good sunscreen....
I have used them all....the above is the currant favorite it has won some world awards as being best or most popular wonder...not greasy, light,.... you would not know you are wearing it.
If I need some colour.... I will use "Invisible Zinc Tinted Sunscreen" you know the one Jerry Hall and Georgia Jagger tout

I find that since I have been using sunscreen... and that's  been since I was quite young... I have no more brown blotches, just clear skin, and definitely not as many wrinkles as some.
I wear it everyday.. never forget.... Summer and Winter.

*Shout's* It works I tell you !!

No 2

Now as you can imagine I collect hats....

I can't be bothered doing a photo of all my hats but the one above is a vintage sun bonnet... perfect to protect your face from nasty sun rays.
Not any old hat is good should protect the sides of your face and neck...needless to say, when I wear this old dear bonnet/hat, Mr Stella wont go out with me !! ...... but I don't care it works !!  [when I can see where I am going].... I did warn you I am slightly eccentric....I am well known for my hats in certain circles !

No 3

Wear a scarf....
Around your neck... to protect your neck and chest area from sun damage.
Once again... [this is getting quite boring I agree]...I collect vintage scarf' and crepe de chine being particular favorites, the above photo is just a few I pulled out of the wash......obviously ! because of the creases in them ..[I have trouble with hand washing..I never have enough time]
No matter how much botox, or face lifts a women can have...the dead give away to age...... is the chest and one should protect both.
A beautiful scarf and SPF 30 hand cream, is the way to go.

No 4

In a hot climate it is very important to wash away all the salty sweat from wearing a hat and sunscreen.
Any grainy scrub will do..... I use the one above at the moment.
But sometimes I use crushed aspirin [yes the headache sort] mixed with water or cleanser as it contains salic acid, the same stuff they use in professional face peels.
I also use plain yogurt and honey ...yum...leave while in the bath then rinse with a facecloth.
Or I rub my face with paw paw or papaya  a great natural exfoliator

No 5

In other words, use a serum or cream or some sort of treatment to re moisturize your face.
I use this Avon face brightening serum at the moment combined with the same Skin Brightening hand cream, that has a factor 15+ sunscreen.... then apply whatever I can find that's thick and gooey..... some random cream... [I own lots]
This stuff also clears the face...strips it in fact .... using AHA's that take a layer of skin off the face to brighten, and get rid of any discoloration.
Then I use a cream..... a good one ....I am using Olay Regeneriste Night Cream at the moment, but I also use oils, say Trilogy Rose Hip oil..... pure and renowned,  Vit E capsules  [just prick a tablet and use on face] or anything that works to saturate the face with goodness.
Good skin care doesn't need to cost the earth ....regularity of product use is the key.

I also use a good eye cream, and Sun Glasses at all times while outdoors

The End.......I hope I have saved one face from the revenge's of sun so therefore of age
Note: I am definitely not being paid to promote above creams yet !! lets hope day


  1. When I first went to Tassie in 2004 I was surprised to learn that kids' uniforms included a cap with a flap that falls back to protect the nape of their neck. And that they were instructed to take sunscreen to school! I knew about the hole in the ozone layer being located there, but I hadn't realised it was that bad!

    As a light-skinned redhead you can be sure I've always been very sun-conscious (plus lived for many years in a sunny tropical country). Here in the Mediterranean I have to take care, but since I HATE sunscreen (icky, gooey stuff that bothers my eyes) I'm afraid I only put it on when I'm going down to the pool or the beach or out hiking... But even with that on I avoid the "peak" hours between 11h00-17h00 in summer. Way too sunny and hot for me!
    Hats are for beach or hiking and scarves are for winter (too hot!).
    But I always use a good moisturising cream for my face. Have since I moved to Europe because the water here in Alicante (and in Liège where I lived 8 years) is very hard on the skin. I quickly switched to face creams that had 15 SPF in them.

    I'll admit I need to take better care... but a/ most of these products are expensive, and b/ I'm too lazy for them! or frequently forget. Oh, and can't seem to find a hat that suits me...

  2. The sunscreen mentioned in my post wont hurt your eyes at all and soaks right in also it's only round $12.00 sure to have it in Spain.
    Tassie is the coldest place in Aussie !! brrr bloody freezing, so you can imagine what it's like on the mainland.
    Yes I get hot in hats and scarfs, but better that than....
    When I lived in the South of France Spain and Germany I found the sun different, not nearly as burning.
    Glad to hear your thoughts sweet crazy...
    Thanks for posting

  3. Hello and thank you so much for your comment on my blog about somewhere to stay!! We will definitely love to visit the area again so I will contact you then if that is ok. Lovely blog you have here too...X

  4. The sun is much worse in Oz than in southern France and Spain because of that damn hole in the ozone layer! Ditto in New Zealand...

    Tassie wasn't cold! Really nice 18-25ºC in the Februarys when I was there! ;o)

  5. I love your blog & all of they things you collect are gorgeous. Here is an award: